Commercial Concrete in Shelby, OH

As the leading provider of commercial concrete in Shelby, Taylortown, Bethlehem, and Shilo, OH for over a decade, JS Concrete & Construction is the top choice for commercial builders and developers in Huron and Richland Counties. Whether you need a new truck dock or parking lot renovations, we’re dedicated to finding quality solutions that fit your budget.

Commercial Concrete

Constructing a new commercial space from scratch? Trust our experienced team to do it all, from pouring the foundation to providing the finishing touches like curbing and parking lot pouring. We’re the experts in reinforced concrete in Shelby, OH, which means no project is too big for us to handle.
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Parking lots

Concrete parking lots are durable, versatile and easy to maintain. Let us provide your customers with a great first impression with quality concrete parking lot installation.

Industrial flooring

These floors have to stand up to constant wear and tear. Reinforced concrete systems facilitate the storage and movement of even the heaviest machinery.

Truck docks

Loading docks are exposed to the elements and see constant use in an industrial facility. We’ll pour new loading docks for your facility that are built to last.


Concrete curbing is an attractive accent. We provide quality concrete curbing solutions for businesses looking to improve their curb appeal.

Commercial Concrete Maintenance

Concrete is the most durable construction material used in commercial applications, but proper care ensures concrete elements and surfaces at your business look great for years to come. Notice a crack in a sidewalk or the effects of aging showing up to surfaces around your business? Call us and we’ll provide the most cost-effective solutions, fixing these problems quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Concrete

Durable Construction for Commercial Applications

Concrete is a durable and versatile material for a wide range of commercial applications for reinforced concrete, including parking lots, industrial floors, curbing and so much more. Ensure the longevity of your commercial property with quality concrete solutions from JS Concrete & Construction. Contact us today at 419-544-1687 for a free consultation on residential or commercial concrete and demolition.